Looks like big security flaw in COMODO FireWall (v.[RESOLVED]

I wanted to look at old versions of “Opera” browser. When installation was complete, version 2.x started and downloaded default page, COMODO did nothing to notify me about it. If I start Opera 2.x with Explorer (as parent) I get same result, but if I start it with Total Commander or FAR manager - COMODO shows its allow/block dialog. Same goes for versions 3 and 4.

So it looks there is a way that application can bypass COMODO.

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What happens if you disable the safe list? Security > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure > Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by COMODO.

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What happens if you disable the safe list?
■■■■, Im so sorry for my dumb post. You're right - all that was about "safe list". I was just confused why it worked different for Opera 6/7/8/9 or any Opera if it was launched from other parent app..

Anyway thanks for making this clear to me. And feel free to graveyard this thread.

It’s because the safe database is outdated and newer versions of Opera or any program for that matter will generate the alerts. Version 3’s will be much grander. Also, explorer.exe is a legit Windows file and pretty much the parent executable for almost every program in Windows, so it’s undoubtedly in the database.

Should you need to open this thread PM any available mod.