Looking Up Most Recent Blocks/Allowances

Is there any way to look at your most recent blocks/allowances? I was a bonehead and OK’d an action without really reading the full description. I was playing poker and timing out on a few tables, so I only quickly glanced. It seemed legit because it popped up just as I was opening a trusted program (Holdem Manager).

I don’t recall weather I allowed or blocked it because I just clicked “OK” assuming all was well, although I suppose it’s possible that I blocked it (?)

I do recall reading “global hook” though, and after a quick google search I found out what that meant, and concluded it was most likely fine. Since then, I’ve been experiencing D+ memory access blocked attempts from Holdem Manager’s Heads UP Display at a rate of about once every second. I cleared Fulltilt/ HEM/PostgreSQL from the policy list in order for Comodo to relearn them, but I’m still getting the D+ blocks.

Is there anyway I can find out what exactly it was that I allowed/blocked? Like a chronological list, or a built-in search function where I can look up “global hook” or something?


Hi JayG, welcome to the forums.

During an alert like this (global hooks), I believe CIS will log the event in the Defense+ event log. Checking the event log should reveal the application/component concerned & which Defense+ rule to investigate further… ie. where the global hook authorisation was applied to. It is probably also worth looking at Holdem Manager’s Defense+ entry to see what its current condition and rule content is.

It’s also worth nothing that if Remember was not checked on the Alert you responded to (this option does tend to remember its last state), then the allow or block is only temporary and would not survive a reboot.

Btw what was the actual web site in question? It may warrant some further investigation itself.