Looking for some v3 setup info

I’m in the steep part of the Comodo Firewall learning curve after many years with ZoneAlarm. Wading through the site, I’ve found some good documentation, unfortunately it’s from 2006. Is there anything more recent? Specifically, I’m looking for where I tell Comodo which IP’s are “OK” and which to block.

You didn’t look very hard. Look at all the stickys under important information.

Here is one.


To block an IP simply go to Firewall\New Blocked Application and new blocked network zones.

“Games installation tips” isn’t exactly something that would draw my click, but hey if you say so I’m on it. Thanks.

Found that. Two questions:

  1. Does that imply all IP’s have access unless specifically blocked?
  2. If I check “Exclude (i.e. NOT the selection below)” does that mean all IPs have access except this specific one? Sounds a mite dangerous, that.

That link I sent you wasnt just games. Read all of it as well as all the other stickys. I have a gamers sticky but that isnt what I sent you. I sent you a link that a modder made. Read the help file under miscellaneous.

Will do. Thanks.