Looking for Remote Desktop Software..

Don’t have to be free, It would be nice… but only software i know of is LogMeIn and Teamviewer… So What else?

Features I Am Looking For… Easy For User To Set Up(Quick and Easy), File Transfer, System Information…
Basically thats it…


Hi Jacob,

Below are quite a few, which allow you to connect easy, control computer remotely, file sharing transfer, App running, etc. but sure you will look through features and choose what fits and serve particular tasks you require

All are free as I understand, but that may’ve changed for some (hope not)

Ammyy Admin Ammyy Admin - Free Remote Desktop Sharing and Remote Control software - features.
Mikogo http://www.mikogo.com/Welcome.aspx
Gbridge http://www.gbridge.com/
TeamViewer TeamViewer – The Remote Connectivity Software (redundant, since you mentioned this one :wink: )
CrossLoop http://www.crossloop.com/


Comodo’s EasyVPN also has remote control future… =)
However the other end has to click “yes” when the question is sent!



Thank You All…

@Monkey Boy: I already knew that lol… Their Remote Desktop Control Needs a Little Work.

@Siber: Thank You, I guess I’ll stick with Teamviewer,