Looking for previous version 477


I have version 531(or build 531) and I need version 477. Cause Videoredo doesn´t go with it.
Normally I could wait until there is a newer version, resolving the problem. But this time I can not wait. And I do not want to have my PC withut Comodo Firewall.
Anyboy can tell me a link to download it. I can not find it on the website.


You can find 477 here.

Thank you very much Dennis!
Especially for the fast and correct response!
I will uninstall the version 531 and install this one. Hopefully Comodo will resolve the bug so I can install back the latest version!

Thx again!

Just another question. I have just read the post where you gave me the link… I noticed a lot of people with problems installing it. Is it save to install? WIll it crash my HDs?


Hi Dennis,

althought the link says that it is the 477 version, when I install it (After uninstalling the version 531) it says that it is version 509. And this without asking me for an update ir so.

Any change why?


Just tried it even though it is mark as 477 the file size is to large at 72.2mb

471 here if this helps at all.