Looking for HELP!!!!!!!

I have a problem. I have made a purchase from a website, www.nexlsports.com this business sells motorcycle helmets, and such. I made the purchase March 17th and have yet to get the helmets that I paid almost $300 for. At the bottom of the website is the COMODO logo assuring the “authentisity” of the site? So what I am wondering is, can someone help find another way of contacting these people so as to find out what is going on? I have called numerous times and have left several message’s, with no avail. I have emailed them more times than I care to think about. Can anyone at COMODO do anything to help? HELP PLEASE!!!

Mike >:(


Due to the data protection act we cannot provide you with any details of our customers.

As you may know, Comodo is a leading Certification Authority that helps enterprises and consumers address digital ecommerce needs with reliable third-generation solutions that authenticate digital transactions, content, and identities; enhance online trust; and create efficiencies across digital ecommerce operations. Comodo’s solutions include SSL certificates, desktop security solutions, authentication services and solutions, integrated web hosting management solutions, infrastructure services, digital e-commerce services, digital identity assurance and vulnerability management solutions.

As a leader in the digital security field, Comodo takes precautions to make sure that transactions through a vendor’s website are secure and are made in a fashion that is safe from third-party influence. Unfortunately, Comodo cannot guarantee that the site’s actual operators are always acting with integrity and honesty. Ultimately, consumers must still decide which vendors should be trusted and dealt with on-line before conducting any sort of business there.

Comodo is not an insurer of bad investment sites or bad investment decisions and cannot guarantee that a site bearing our logo always has your best interests at heart. Please be sure to only transact with sites that you know and trust, regardless of the logos displayed. However, once you decide to trust a site with your business, look for the Comodo symbol to assure you that your confidential information being submitted to the vendor will reach the intended recipient safe and secure.