Looking for CIS v5.12 x64

Well, I tried filehippo, tried the “old” link, to v5.12, and it downloaded v6 for me. What a waste of 127MB. Could I ask some kind user to upload their copy of the latest v5.12 64-bit version somewhere? I don’t really trust these download sites right now.

I think I know why, on this page: Download Comodo Internet Security 5.12.256249 for Windows - Filehippo.com You have the option “Download this version” However that links to the official Comodo servers which only holds the latest version of CIS 6. But under that you have “FileHippo Mirror” this will download the right version for you.

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AFAIK does Filehippo no longer supply old versions.
You can find it here Comodo Internet Security Download (2023 Latest) and tick the ‘old versions’ tab.

I just downloaded it using the method I wrote above. Also checked that it was the right version. Perhaps they don’t accept any new submission for old versions but keep those that they already have?

Okay, I thought I had read that people complained that they downloaded a supposed ‘old’ version that appeared to be the latest…

Well that’s if you press the “Download this version” you have to press “FileHippo Mirror” it’s very misleading on the website. The “Download this version” just points to the Comodo servers (downloads.comodo.com or download.comodo.com) while the “FileHippo Mirror” is actually using the mirrors from FileHippo.

So yes I believe they have download the new version when trying to download an old version, however they never tried the “FileHippo Mirror” button, probably because it has a smaller font and isn’t as obvious, and “Download this version” is very misleading, at least for CIS on FileHippo.

Thankies, downloaded the right one now.

Okay, major problem.

Comodo v6 was causing my Internet to not work, at all, on Windows 8. (the secondary problem was the UI simply… sucked)
Tried Comodo v5.12 and at the login screen, the screen now rapidly flickers various shades of blue, and it is impossible to log in.

Where to go from here? (I’m posting from XP for now)

Safemode is the best bet, I can’t remember how to get into Safemode with Windows 8 since they pretty much removed the best idea ever (typical M$) But you should be able to find it via google, also do you have a CD for your Windows 8 installation? If so you should be able to use that to somehow get to safemode.

Though blue flickers, have you tried adjusting your cable between monitor and desktop? Or do you perhaps have a laptop? Any kind of flickering speaks more of a hardware issue than software issue, perhaps you could take a photo or a video?

To get into safemode, you have to boot into normal mode first and select safe mode, then restart. It’s ridiculous, because if normal mode won’t boot, you can’t get into safe mode. I have a Window 8 DVD, guess I’ll try that tomorrow.

I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. I think it’s comodo defense+ blocking something repeatedly as it constantly tries to load. The result is block, request, block, request, block, request - each time the screen flickers.

You can’t tell it to unblock until you log in, and you can’t log in until it’s unblocked. Catch 22.

Did you set HIPS to Paranoid? Just wondering, if it’s set to Safe then I don’t think it’s HIPS but it’s always a possibility. It sounds like something which would be caused by HIPS in Paranoid.

Do you actually get any indications that it’s CIS? Like any kind of alert or anything, normally if it was HIPS then it would block and then nothing would happen until you answered the alert, but then again I have gotten reeaaallly weird issues with any version of CIS with HIPS set to Paranoid. (For example only black screen at login and no programs starting)

Edit: For Safe mode you might want to test these:

So it seems like Shift + F8 when booting, however it takes trial and error to actually reach. I can’t for the life of me figure out why M$ made it so hard to get into safe mode.

Well I’ve gone over to CIS v6, and for some odd reason, it’s no longer blocking the Internet. Maybe because I attempted to fine-tune absolutely everything in CIS 6’s settings, and managed to correct the problem.

Kinda sad that CIS v6 just doesn’t feel as safe as v5 did. With v5 I was constantly getting prompts to allow or deny access to various things, at least at first. It gave me a sense of being in control. With v6 there are virtually no prompts, which leaves me wondering just how exposed to risk it is leaving me.

There is a sandbox, of course, which automatically makes something stop working, so I tend to deny the sandbox from taking over every single time. What a useless addition to CIS. Seriously.

I think it depends on how you configure it, For example you could set HIPS to Paranoid, turn off BB and setting Firewall to Custom, this would create alerts for pretty much everything. Though HIPS in Paranoid may bring many issues, for me that was incomplete startups.

The Sandbox is a nice idea and it’s useful for those who don’t want to be bothered with HIPS alerts or don’t have the necessary knowledge on how to answer these. While I personally don’t use Sandbox I know that it’s actually a rather well used setting among users, at least that is what it seems like when reading on this forum.

Personally I would prefer if the Sandbox had an option to actually generated HIPS alerts, instead of having it do everything automatic. Then I would use Sandbox in Fully Virtualized with HIPS alerts on, in my opinion this would be better than having to decide whether to use HIPS or Sandbox.

Thanks for that clarification. It still doesn’t explain where these prompts have disappeared to though. Being less paranoid, is it now just letting things slip through Comodo’s fingers? I was using Comodo on Windows XP and found it made XP even more secure than Vista/7/8’s built-in security prompts - as Comdo v5 was far smarter than Window’s built-in security. Now with v6 it seems like we’re moving back to the field of “let’s just pretend there’s nothing bad and let everything slip though”. Or dump everything in the sandbox and stop it from working.

Next up:

Right, in this pic here we have an “advanced” configuration, where you apparently have to choose between:

Internet security
Proactive security
Firewall security

Activating one disables the other, so you can only have one active at a time. Moreover, it wants you to restart your computer after switching. I mean, wtf?

First, I want all 3 active simultaneously. Second, why do I need to restart my computer? Do I need to restart my computer if I sneeze as well?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Nothing should be slipping through, if you have HIPS set to “Safe” and BB turned off, then you would get alerts for every unknown file, while files determined safe by Comodo will be trusted and no alerts will be shown. If you want it to alert for all applications then you can use the Paranoid setting or perhaps turning off TVL (Trusted Vendors List) does the same thing but I haven’t tried it.
With HIPS in Safe mode and BB on, then unknown things will be sandboxed since the BB usually takes precedence over HIPS.

The settings in the picture is predefined configurations, so if you’d have all three enabled at the same time then you would have conflicting settings. Proactive is the more secure of them.

This is not new with version 6. It has always been this way…

What would be the point in that? ???

You realize that these are configurations, right? It’s applying different default settings to the application. They are mutually exclusive settings. Using one configuration will override the other. If you are running the Proactive configuration, you are running the protections that the settings in the other two select by default.

However, If you wanted to run the Proactive configuration and the Internet Security configuration, the Internet Security configuration would be disabling settings that the default Proactive configuration has enabled.

This comment is a bit like saying that when you flip a light switch, you want it to both turn on and off the light at the same time. Such behavior is an impossibility…

You need to restart you computer if you switch to the Proactive configuration because it will enable the Enhanced Protection Mode, which requires a restart.

You could restart your computer if you sneeze, but it’s not required.

No, it’s like having three lights and wanting all three on simultaneously.

You’re telling me that if I have the antivirus enabled, the firewall and CIS is disabled? So essentially what I need then is to go to Avast for the antivirus, CIS for the local security, and ZoneAlarms for the firewall.

This is the most ■■■■■■■■ thing I’ve heard in quite some time. The whole point of an Internet security suite like Comodo is that all three protections should be enabled.

Anyway, I digress, for now.

Another problem I’ve noticed is that Comodo uses the BITS (Background “Intelligent” Transfer Service) in Windows 8 to download virus definitions. Now I have three major problems with that. First, the BITS service downloads massive quantities of data every time I start my computer. I was actually hoping the Firewall or CIS would be able to block this behavior, but evidently all of Microsoft’s services are trusted, which should not be the case.

Second, I resort to using Computer Management → Services to disable the BITS service. However it seems like it automatically turns itself back on every time I boot into Windows. It also seems like one of the culprits that are causing it to turn on is Comodo’s AV definition updates. I would prefer Comodo to use its own service for updates, because then I can keep BITS disabled indefinitely.

Third. In Comodo v6 I have disabled automatic updates. It is allowed to tell me updates are available, but let me choose when to download them. Comodo seems to ignore this setting completely, and every time I boot the computer, it tries to download over 100MB of updates. I have to quickly cancel the update process to stop it from draining the bandwidth, and then manually disable the BITS service all over again.

At this stage, I really don’t know. These massive background downloads were half the reason I installed Comodo on Windows 8 in the first place, because I was hoping to use Comodo to block these unauthorized and unwanted downloads.

No, it’s not like that at all. You can definitely have the AV, Firewall, and the HIPS (I’m assuming that is what you mean by CIS) turned on at the same time!

Internet Security, Proactive Security, and Firewall Security are configurations, (settings) not components.

Internet Security does not mean AV, Proactive Security does not mean HIPS, and Firewall Security does not mean Firewall.

You can read more about configurations in the help file. Comodo Preset Configurations

Any one of this configurations can be used with all of the components of CIS active. What the configurations do is change some of the settings within CIS.

I suspect you’re talking about virus database updates, because there haven’t been any program updates to version 6. The program updates are what you’ve told CIS to tell you when an update is available. This setting is independent of the virus database updates. Unfortunately, I don’t use version 6 and I don’t know how to turn off the virus database updates. Hopefully someone else will speak up.

It sounds like the av is each time trying to download the full database. That may mean two things. The av has not done the initial database update or there is a corrupted database file in the scanner folder.

Can you tell what av database is loaded according to CIS? At the time of writing t is 15782.