Looking for Advice

While I was looking for a new securities for my laptop I was turned on to COMODO by a good friend. I am very pleased with it’s over performance. However, I noticed that the McAfee firewall ( which came with the laptop ) shows it still on my Window’s Securities list of active firewalls. I had uninstalled the McAfee software many months ago. I also downloaded their uninstaller tool but it can’t find any McAfee software still installed on my harddrive.
I am concerned if my COMODO firewall is being effected by this and if so, how can I ensure that the McAfee firewall has been removed and /or have the notification removed from my list of active firewalls.
I am running a Toshiba Satellite
OS: Vista 32 bit Home Premium
Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I think the reason is that there is some information about McAfee in the Registry,you could search the information about McAfee.And delete it.

Hi IM,

IMHO McAfee leaves a lot of junk behind when it exits (and, IMHO, I think Norton is worse on this score). You could try using Comodo’s Registry Cleaner. Here is the link:


I also use Advanced System Care 3. In the future you could use Revo Uninstaller to more completley uninstall programs, although I have found no one thing really works w/McAfee–you have to use multiple tools to get rid of all of it.
Good luck.

Thanks to all . I was able to remove all McAfee registry entries. I have also downloaded COMODO’s system cleaner. I appreciate the help ! Thanks again. ;D