Looking for a Universal Communications Program to replace Qnext

Hope a few of you might have recomendations for me.

I am looking for a Free Universal Communications program to replace Qnext.
I have been using it for 8 years or more (I would guess at least 2 years) before I started using the Comodo Firewall (2007).

Even though most of the features still work and new users can still get a UID (Unique Identification number) using the 2 files I have. Support is not apparent. Qnext support staff tells me what I am using is a Legacy version of Qnext and they still support it. BUT when all the Help files and links are now gone, support is not obvious.

Qnext has gone from a multi-feature program, to File Sharing via Facebook.

Qnext was not perfect and you and I can always find something to enhance it. A more robust email client, is one of several I could think of.

Way back when, I tried another multi IM protocol Trillion, I found all my daughters friends combined with mine, with many asking who are you.
I tried Qnext and each user was separate and you could have seperate IDs for each user.

Here are the features that I hope to find:

1)“All” connections between Qnext users are encrypted (chatting, file sharing, etc), other protocols or mail is not.

2)The Qnext server was only used to log in, then it was user to user connection (except for QnextMyPC)

3)Multi protocol IM (most of the popular IM protocols) Facebook used to work before the switch to File Sharing ONLY.

4)File sharing was simple and easy but Qnext did have to be on and connected to the internet. Those you were sharing with, did not need to be running Qnext. No file size limit, only limit was your connection speeds and the person receiving it. I sent my daughter when she was in college her music folder 17 gig. It took a while but all her songs were on her new computer 7 hour drive away.

A) For IM connections you just drag the file
B) For email you create a link and Qnext would send it
C) For Photos again you create a link and they will be displayed in a slide show (photos chosen to be downloaded would be actual quality (even .raw) or reduced quality, what a printer sees
D) For music The juke box allows you are your buddy to select listen to the many songs you added to the play list. And like the above you can be selective to which files go to who. The last update only played .mp3 but a release before it would play different formats.

5)Again for Qnext to Qnext users there was
A) 6 way audio chat
B) 4 way video chat

6)QnextMyPC was a poor mans way of you inspecting and repairing a buddys computer if they had Qnext.

  1. It could auto detect most routers (last update 2012 and before) and ensure a good connection Many new routers are out since then
    The same goes with auto detecting audio and video hardware.

Again Hope a few of you might have some suggestions.

Thank you

Did you try Pidgin? It’s kind of popular.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Pidgin does include more IM protocols than Qnext and a few features are included in plugins, but Qnext has more things: encryption, photo slide show (earlier had white board to leave comments), email links, 4 way video - 6 way audio chat.

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