Looking for a smartphone

Well, can anyone make a sujestion ? I would like to play music, make pics and perhaps a game. I’m not sure if the Iphone is worth it’s money now that so many other phones have come out yet.

I’ll be waiting for replies for around a week, then I’m going to a tax free shop in Livingo and get 'em :wink:


T-Mobile G1

Yes, it’s one of Android.

Google ? I don’t trust them enough for that …


The i-wood looks a classy piece of kit


Seriously though, the X1 looks right up your street :wink:


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The X1 is nice but have you seen it’s price ? 88)


why not go for PDA?
XDA O2 Atom life? :-La

What about the LG KM900 Arena ???

Personaly I am waiting for the Sony Ericsson Idou, which will come later this year :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Well, I prefer the ‘Renoir’ over that model, only minus on the renoir is it’s lack of internal memory… only 100mb :frowning: