Looking for a Newbie Guide

There has been a link on Majorgeeks for Configuring CIS for Maximum Security with ZERO Alerts for Novices, but it no longer works.

I have looked for the topic here in the forums but I have not found it. If it still exists, can you point me to where I need to find it?



Hi emawoman,

Welcome to the forums,
I’m not sure if this guide is what you are looking for it’s not exactly aimed at “newbies” so to speak.
It’s more for users who are already familiar with the product…

I think it’s better to go with the default settings and use the “What does this setting do?” on the configuration screens, that will take you to the specific part of the help file.

And of course post help questions here, there are lot’s of people that help…

Not sure to what exactly you are looking for. You may want to take a look at:
Guides - CIS

Thanks to you all for the speedy replies.

The link that gleach provided is exactly what I was looking for.

I had McAfee IS (provided by ATT&T DSL) on one computer, but I got malware that disabled McAfee, so I headed to Majorgeeks.com to get rid of the malware.

I also have a second computer that had Trend Micro IS and it got some minor malware on it too, and I relied on Majorgeeks.com for help with it.

I chose Comodo IS (firewall part) for both computers and that was primarily because of what I read in Chaslang’s sticky “How to Protect yourself from Malware!”

So far, I am very happy with my choice. It has been interesting to see the files involved in everyday use of the computers that show up in Comodo. I prefer it to the “black box” approach I had with the paid security programs. I’m going to put Comodo on my sister’s laptop to replace Trial Norton. (Yes, I had malware on an old Win 98SE computer and a Win ME computer that both were always kept updated with Norton.)

I’ll probably have some more questions later, but for now this is all I need.


Yeah, I remember following that and having a rather pleasant, pain-free experience as a result. WHY THE **** DID YOU GUYS REMOVE THE POST (assuming that’s what happened)?? It’s somewhat annoying…
Otherwise, why not take the best of that advice and refine it to remove whatever was wrong with the advice and put a sticky up with it in, or put it in the FAQ.