Looking for a Good (Reliable) Email Search Site

Hi again,

I am trying to get in contact with 2 of my cousins that I have not seen in a LONG time. She lives in Florida and he lives in New Mexico.

Many years back there were 4-5 really good sites for finding email addresses. But after trying 12 sites I am very disappointed. Even though half of the sites said free email search, that is only what you got " A Free email search" but to see the email address you had to pay, or sign up. It seems that many of the email search sights I remember or either gone or a paid site has gotten control.

I thought this would be an easy search ? But you need to know where to look ! Hoping 3-4 of you will have several sites that you know I will be able to find results.

Thank You all,

Disappointed that at least 2-3 might have had different sites to chose from.

Thought this might have been an easy question, but not seeing any responses , looking for a FREE. Good Email search engine may not be as easy as I thought ?


I guess spammers would love such a site, while the spammers’ victims would not.

Just thinking out loud. Did you try searching them on social network sites?


Why wouldn’t you google or use any other search for:
“email search engine” or “email address search engine” (those give slightly different results)

Well, I tried a few suggested here and succeeded… just twice from 10, … not many, but still.
Sure it may (rather will) take your time.
Good luck!

hehe! :smiley: , but only if some "service’’ would give them just a list(s) of emails for free
otherwise they should work a bit harder, which they do not like
They pay, which is most likely how they get details for “serious business”

Cheers all!