Look What CIS Found

Well all this time I thought my pc was clean. Avira.Norton,Kaspersky,Dr Web,Avast,AVG all never found anything. Which is a good thing if you think of it. But doing a full scan with CIS found this little ■■■■■■. Sorry forgot to post the screen shot of CIS detecting it.

http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/0b61 … 8d95418a1c

The link seems to be invalid it says the object is not found.

The file was C:/Windows/Environment.generic. . Link was up.


It must have been a recent addition as it is not flagged by the Comodo scanner at Virus Total yet (still at data base 1153).

Either way I am impressed. CAV found something that Avira missed. The file has been there for 6 months. I always sue heuristics on high also.

bass.dll was also found on my system i think it came with software called “musicbee” for me, other antivirus did not detect it, i was using rising antivirus 2009, but comodo detected it, so i quarantined it and submited it to comodo. I personally thought it might be false positive, but i did not want to take risk, so i deleted the file from quarantined items also.
Thanks vettetech for bringing this into notice, and yes comodo antivirus detects things which other antivirus also dont detect at times. now with 3.9 CAV improved alot.

Its only the start guys…

You would know what I mean if you had seen what I have seen :wink: (lips are sealed until then…)


OMG this is BIG NEWS

Melih i seen the demo of big improvement myself, but its demo but it said alot to me, :a0 >:-D :a0
Thanks for BIG INFO melih :wink: :-TU

What kind of file is this, Vette?

Melih, when can we expect “then” ??? Do tell! ;D

year end or beg of next year…



Hi Melih, I will have a stab on what “then” is.CIMA i bet.However i understand there will be an increase in detection rate via the family signatures, and wonder “when” that is likely to be introduced!. Go on Melih please give us all an inkling on that one.

Regards " The Faithful"



AFAIK they’re working on the family sigs right now, and they will be introduced after the 3.9 build, so I guess, NOW ?


Hi eXPerience. Thanks for the info. I am looking forward to the improved detection the family sigs will bring.

I must say, that based on some tests on the internet and my own/forum members " unofficial tests" there is a lot to look forward to.Recent tests based around the Cavs with a much smaller data base than it has now produced 96.2%. In my own tests on a much smaller sample (500) produced 98%.

I suppose the larger number of samples create a situation where Cavs starts to miss some malware.I feel this will be corrected/ improved upon by the family sigs, and finally " the big one," Cima will i am sure take Cavs to The lofty heights oF Avira and A squared without as many Fps!.


as eXPerience said, we are on with it as we speak…
so fingers crossed it could be in June…


You might want to send the file to Comodo to check out…

Bass.dll is fairly common in many low end and open source music apps and games. I think Popcap games use it a lot.


This should increase detection rate. I know what you think of tests performed by e.g. AV-Comparatives, but I also know that this is what the general public refer to (until some new kind of testing system is introduced ;)). Therefore I hope for CIS to get tested by AV-C as soon as you have implemented the new signatures, and I hope for good results, as this may mute many of those who have doubts in CIS (independent of the doubts being justified or not).