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Found in Wilders.


Without translate I can already see they tried to clean an infected machine.
That is not what CIS5 is for [yet]…
They should use CCE…

P.S. Congrats Kaspersky :-TU

Yes, Comodo should consider Cleaning a part of Protection & thus should include CCE in CIS. As CIS leaves traces here & there on the harddisk that can be cleaned by CCE if included in CIS. As you know many users run the ondemand scan of the AV installed on the system & not go for other ondemand scanners, specially average users. So in my opinion CCE should be included in CIS which will also enhance Comodo’s excellent reputation of protection. Rest depends on Devs & Mr. CEO.


i have asked melih before, why have a virus scanner if CIS isnt meant for cleaning. he really didnt have an answer. in my opinion CIS should either get rid of the on demand virus scanner and other features that are used for infected machine or integrate CCE into CIS. there is no point in having inadequate cleaning features in CIS if CIS isnt meant to clean infected machines.
i get why CIS has the on access scanner. to find blacklisted malware to help usability but the on demand scanner doesnt help usability

May be they are not including CCE in CIS coz CCE is an advanced level cleaner & may not be suitable for majority of users (may cause probs). Can this be the reason? I haven’t yet tried CCE but have read in the forum here that though its excellent but also gives a number of FP’s, especially Rootkits FP’s, is it so?


CCE is for advanced users only, with it, you could wreck your system. Probably the best to keep it separate.
It is a VERY powerful program with only one purpose.
Now, it would be an even better idea IF:
1: Using CCE to remove malware
2: Comodo makes alternative to ReImage so that users can restore original operating system files

What CIS needs is some kind of boot-time scan or scan in a pre-windows environment.

This is what CCE is for :slight_smile:

CCE cannot be incorporated in CIS since it’s licensed under the GPL Licence.

thats only Killswitch

Comodo has developed cleaning essentials

That’s true… For now :stuck_out_tongue:

is this going to changed?

CIS should also have a boot-time scan as a scan profile.

this wont happen because CIS isnt for cleaning

i also see no point to integrate cce. melih crealy explained this. i dont see reason to make cis heavier to be good in tests only. i would rather make notification during cis instalation to download cce if your pc is infected to clean it first , before installation.

How the system will get heavier? The database of CIS & CCE is the same. I guess the only difference is the extra sensors or powerful scanners added in CCE. And adding those scanners/sensors to CIS ondemand scan will not make the system heavier I guess, will it?


Exactly. Why is there any logical reason to have a process to clean a system (CCE) when you already have a process (CIS) initiated to prevent a system from being infected?

If you are doing a fresh install on an already infected machine. I believe the correct procedure would be to run CCE first and then install CIS which is proven to eliminate what 99.8% of all infections?

IMHO, It only takes CIS along with a little common sense to make any and all systems 100% clean from malware and infections!

Roger :slight_smile:

CIS has already the same scanner as a CCE has, the only difference is a MBR scanner and agressive removal methods which are unnecessary in CIS.

New CCE which will come up very soon will obtain more powerful methods to clean and IT should be propagated for cleaning, not CIs, for sure.

Does CIS / CCE clean Sality infection or delete the executables ?

(I already know Dr. Web cleans the files.)

cis hasnt disinfection abilities, cce as well.