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Not very interesting if you use CIS.

This topic seems to be in the wrong place.

here? ;D
hey, someone might wanna test this zonealarm pro against Comodo leaktest suite :-La

OMG! Could it be me? :smiley: I do have ZoneAlarm Pro installer, if I am not that very mistaken! :BNC

That was the purpose of my post.
Sorry i put it im the wrong place.

It seems it is rush hour in ZoneAlarm’s side!!! I couldn’t even download the free Pro version for the mean time!!! Heck! Bloody mary, help me here! >:-D


greedy fella, you already have one 88)

hey someone should test it. i disabled Defense+ & use Drivesentry, i was thinking, hey what’s the difference, they both HIPS, and beside, DS has its community advisor,it reduced the pop up a lot! but i only scored 140/340 on the test :-\

Yes, but I do have the key now!!! Who’s daddy, uh? :P0l

Results https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/leak_test_results-t30164.0.html;msg218539#msg218539

I was wrong… they can give it away then.

wow, even the pro version doesn’t score 100% huh? ???