Longevity of Comodo [and some wacky topics]

I have only been using Comodo for a few days and love it thus far!

I have used Zone Alarm (Free, Internet Security Suite, and Pro) since 2000.
I have also tried Norton ISS, Outpost, Mcrappy and Sygate.

From Day1, ZA free was a resource hog. But it got worse with ISS and PRo. both tried to do things they could not do as well as stand alones (i.e. Antivirus & Antispy)

I thought having an all in 1 app would be ideal. Not even. You’d think the potential for efficiency would be there combining like apps. that are scanning.

I do not care if the app is free or not. I will pay for something if it does what I need.

Please do not do things like add CPU usage monitors and syware/privacy controls to Comodo, do not add any email scanning. adblock, cookie stuff or phising stuff. Leave that to the browsers and other apps.

Keep it as lean as possible while being a strong firewall nothing else.

To diversify your user group defintely also try to keep it as simple as possible (ZA bar controls for firewall levels is nice).
And it is also very important to cater to power users that want more control.(Such as Comodos option “do not show any alerts for the applications certified bu Comodo”)
These are the users that promote the product to newbies in all the forums.

The processes of cmdagent.exe and cpf.exe seem fairly efficient (so far)
as compared to ZA’s: vsmon.exe & zclient.exe but not much different.

The most beautiful thing about Comodo (as compared to ZA) is how fast it loads and how fast Windows shuts down with it installed!

It would be nice for cmdagent.exe process to end when exiting the app for benchmarking etc. As it is now only cpf.exe process ends.

It would also make for a more usable app if the window sizing can be customized. But if you told me this causes more resource usage then I’d say don’t do it.

Giving the user the option of a plugin would be great that way the user can decide if the resources used warrant the funtion delivered and can thus enable disable or uninstall that plugin.

No ““Google this…” button in Component monitor.” enable the user to right click and copy the process or whatever and use his browser to look it up.

Comodo looks great now. Just keeping tuning it and keep doing what it is suppose to do. And if there is any way to make it leaner on resources, do it!

I have already promoted Comodo to many users in the past 2 days and will contiunue to do so as long as it remains the best option out there. (which it is now for my needs)


thanks for feedback Cliffhucker

we do take everyone’s feedback on board…

;D I like your style. More memory is ok, but more cpu … :o

I’m with you. Options to install more is good, but KISS for the main thing, the FW!
Only main things missing that are going to pop next version: password, logging function improved, import/ export rules, and others that i would like confirmed (asked in the wishlist):

Ability to turn on/off rules besides deleting
Profiles- as in, i go to work- another set of rules is chosen (manual);

Soya/ Melih? Confirmation is needed ;D


Ability to turn on/off rules besides deleting

As is now, I find if I want to turn off the rule with out deleting it from Controls,
I just Double-Click it and the GUI for that rule comes up; and on the general tab just select “Allow, Block or Ask”. I am liking this.

Password protection (for the app and settings) is probably something most firewall users will feel more secure with (and expect) but not a vault like ZA. I think this gives a false sense of security.

Cheers, CH

Uhhh…sure why not. I’ll grant your wishes in version 3. I have the power lol.

Not security, more like i’m the only one that can alter rules. That way i can let friends use the computer with more confidence. Other user accounts, etc.

Is that He-Man? lol

I’m sure CFP 3 will be as strong as

That sure takes me back in time ;D
He-Man and She-Ra! And the tiger, a coward turned into a beast. MAN! :o

Just one more thing…

One thing I forgot that must be included in the next version (or I go back to ZA) (jk)
An option to : “Load Comodo at startup”

How am I suppose to do a restart without Comodo running at startup other than uninstalling if I need to?

This should be the backdrop for the entire Comodo GUI. That’d speed things up!


Ok!?, thanks

Comodo does load at startup. I don’t understand you question ???
The GUI takes a while to load, but the driver is protecting you. You have an option to block all incoming at startup too.

"Load Comodo at startup"

So by default, Comodo is not active.

You have to select for it to always automatically start on windows start.

I’m sorry for not understanding, but even now ;D , why do you want Comodo not load at startup?
But an option is ok. Load at startup ; Manual
Even if i would never use that. Why do you want it may i ask?

I’ve seen one user before who wanted this when he would start Windows without being connected to the internet, so as to save resources. To exclude a firewall and other anti-baddy securities would certainly help a slow computer. Another possible reason is for troubleshooting purposes, such as isolating driver conflicts.

I don’t know. Just a guess. 88)

Why do you want it may i ask?

Many reasons.

Mainly i want it when I am overclocking and restarting and running stress tests etc over and over and over.

Or when I am benchmarking my system (offline)

More importantly for the masses:

Or when I need to load other apps and need to be sure that the Fwall is not conflicting with anything.

Or when I am not online and do not need it taking resources, such as when encoding mpeg, ripping, recoding, burning DVD/CD

Or troubleshooting

Or comparing to ZA and other FW’s

Or ________________

And the list gets bigger as you add other peoples need for the feature.

Thanks for that. I get it now. Comodo, make it so! ;D

To disable Comodo is an ironic statement towards this topic title 88).

To disable Comodo is an ironic statement towards this topic title

On the contrary however , If it does not have this feature it could lead to its demise!