Long duration update

After close to a dozen attempts, I have been unable to complete the latest update to CIS. My fastest connection speed (in this rural area) is 26.4 Kbps. My download rate is usually between 1Kbps and 3 Kbps. The download connection will not stay engaged long enough to complete the task. It has managed to get as far as perhaps 70% but has ranged everywhere from 6% on up. Are there any alternatives, such as a cd, with the now combined threesome known as CIS?

Have you tried a download manager. They allow you to resume an interrupted download from where it stopped. A good one is actually called freedownloadmanager, search google using that phrase with or without spaces between the words and it should be the first result. As you have such a slow connection I would go for the Lite version which is only a third of the size of the full program but still gives the Resume functionality you need. Of course there are plenty of other free ones out there but I know this is one that works well as well as integrating with the commonest browsers so will kick in when you start a download from your browser. You can also get Firefox and IE addons that add a Resume download capability to them.

try going to a public library and downloading it to a flash drive.