long delay in returning control to system after approval


I have noticed that Defense+ seems to take an awful long time to return control to a program after it has been interrupted by Comodo to request authorization. For example, I have been sitting here for about 20 minutes trying to run a process which I haven’t run before (a DVD rip) and each time comodo interrupts the process to request permission for some memory access or directory setup or whatever, it takes on average about 25 seconds before control is returned to the program to allow it to continue. i don’t mind the interruptions since I know the answers will be remembered and the next time will be fine, but really, 20 minutes so far and I haven’t got anywhere! I’ve timed it - 25 seconds each and every time I say “allow” before the program continues.

I would have thought that control should be returned the instant I click on “allow”. Is this something I can fix with a setting? or is it a bug?


Do a clean install of the latest 3.9 without importing your old configration. The issue with rules saving taking 10 or more seconds is solved with 3.9 with the introduction of a new format.

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