Hi, In CIS 3.5 you could delete all the old logs. I don’t see how in CIS 4.0 ?? Thanks for your help.

I guess nobody has any knowledge about deleting old logs! Thanks

CIS 4.0 does not incorporate a “log delete” button that was available in CIS 3.0. The workaround that I use for deleting logs in CIS 4.0 is as follows:

  1. Disconnect from internet. This is advised because your firewall will be disabled in step 2. To accomplish this, I put a shortcut on my desktop for disabling/enabling my network interface card.

  2. Exit COMODO. This step is necessary because the log file cannot be deleted while it is in use.

  3. Navigate to Program Data (a hidden file) > COMODO > Firewall Pro > cislogs.sdb. I have abbreviated this step by putting a shortcut on my desktop for accessing the cislogs.sdb file. Also, if you use the shortcut, it will no longer be necessary to set Folder Options to “Show hidden files and folders”.

  4. Delete cislogs.sdb. The file will regenerate itself when COMODO is restarted.

  5. Reset Folder Options to “Do not show hidden files and folders”. This step is not required if you use the shortcut described in step 3 above.

  6. Restart COMODO.

  7. Re-enable internet connection.

Thanks, Would it be simpler to go Start/ search all files and folders/ cislogs then after it comes up delete the file? Would that be the same or cause a problem? Thanks

Using the search method works just fine and only takes me about 15 seconds longer than using the desktop shortcut method. Although the search method takes a few seconds longer, you don’t have to clutter up your desktop with another icon. I’d say its user’s preference at this point.