logs not clearing

After installing on the 19th, the CIS sandboxed 3 files and started a log file in its viewer. After I made rules to inform CIS the files were safe, the log still retained the entries. I despeately need the clear logs feature that v3 had.

Hi les9763,

Currently the clearing functions aren’t there like they once were.

So it’s not a Bug, I moved your post here and will describe how to delete the log file.

Still you may want to make a post in the Wishlist board.

!! note !! this clears all logs, Firewall, AV, D+.

On Vista/Win7

Open windows explorer and navigate to the folder C:\ProgramData\COMODO\Firewall Pro

Right click the Comodo tray icon, select exit to shutdown cfp.exe

Right click and delete the file cislogs.sdb

Restart cfp.exe from your Desktop or Start menu shortcut.
CIS will immediately recreate the blank Log file.

Hope this helps.
You aren’t the only one who wants the old log clearing ability back :-TU