logs issue [Resolved]

I disabled logs for network monitor in order to reduce CPF memory usage but i noticed that CPF is still logging those type of incidents…is that normal?? Any help would be much appreciated…by the way, considering this is my first post on the forum i would like to thanks all the COMODO team for the great products and support they provide (:CLP)

Hi vinny, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

The problem you describe is well known on the forums. You might want to look here Firewall Still Logs After Disabling for some further information.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Toggie, im new to the forum so i didnt’t realize this problem had already been posted.
For what i can gather there is no solution at the moment other than open and close the logs windows again in order to stop the loggings until the next CPF restart; i hope this bug will be fixed
in the next version…thanks for your help.