Logs full of Medium and High severity and questions

I got a lot of logs on medium and high severity under reporters : application monitor and network monitor and application behaviour analysis

Why is this so? I’m infected or something?

The description under application behaviour analysis says : suspicious behaviour(svchost.exe)

application monitor description : application access denied followed by IP and port and some event svchost ip

Sorry for my ignorance , first time using the program

When it prompts me to allow or deny a program it always have something in bold that says : ole automation and … can use to hijack other applications … something to do with svchost.exe

And are all the ports supposed to be set to ‘Any’ for application monitor?

Any way I can allow my game to work without compromising my computer’s security? Or I should just use Windows Firewall?

How to check if my computer is safe from attk?Like stealthed…

What security level should I set my com to? Custom?

Hi Waff, Have you had a look through the ‘Frequently Asked Questions about Comodo Firewall’ section as I am sure you will soon find the answers to most of your questions there.

When you install Comodo Firewall the security configuration is set to Custom and your protection strength should be showing Excellent.

After install did you scan for known applications? Click on Security > Tasks and click the Scan for known applications link at the bottom right of the view. This should stop CPF asking for so many authorisations for applications to connect, also when you allow an application don’t forget to check the ‘remember’ box in the pop up.

If you click on where it says ‘Test your current security configuration’ on the Summary page of the CPF Control you will be linked to the free online security tests Comodo has provided.

With regards Windows Firewall you must remember that it is only a one way (incoming) firewall that offers very basic protection.