Logs are still getting lost!

Yes. The logs.log file. 25 MB is indeed unlikely given the time span. Must be an undiscovered bug.

Surely you mean an undocumented feature? :wink:

You say tomato, I say chili fries…

The log file seams to fill up really fast. Earlier today I was performing HackerGuardian scan, which lasted about 15 minutes, creating around 600 (!) log entries. The log file size limit was reached, resulting with loss of all the entries. :o

Whatever the log size you set, once it is reached, you lose all of your logs. Let’s hope it will be fied soon…

Does anyone know if the Comodo team is planing a bug-fixer to solve the issue mentioned in this thread, and some other issues still present after the last update? Or do we have to wait untill next major upgrade (2.5 or 3.0)?

I have put mine back to 5 Mb, so I can see if it disappears when it reach the limit.
It’s at 4.65 now, so it will be soon…

My Log is currently set at 100MB & I’m still loosing all the entries without any apparent reason. I’m fairly sure it is not because the Log filled up.

You may not notice it imediatly since the log is still loaded in memory, but if you switch to 7 (or 30) day view, you’ll se that something is missing :(.

I am aware of that… but, a 100 MB Log? The last disappearing act was nearly 21 hours ago & the physical log file is still only 601KB. I’m monitoring the log file size now anyway, I’ll report back if it suddenly grows massively.

Maybe we are on the wrong track, but since I do not have a better explanation, i’ll also keep monitoring ;D.

I’ve discovered one more strange thing concerning logs.log. I exported my logs, and immediately after that opened logs.log in MS Word. While the logs.log was 3.5MB in size, exported html was only 44kB. And logs.log consisted of 4912 entries, there were only 105 in the exported html ???.

I didn’t actually counted them, I used the Replace function in Word ;D

This is only a guess, but when exporting to html, it’s only for the specific timeframe (e.g. today, 5 weeks ago, etc.) that’s currently selected vs. the logs.log file that keeps the entire history.

Yep, we’ve already noticed that logs.log contains a lot more than is visible in CFP Log view. I moaned that the Log size should not count those hidden entries (which it probably does) & if it does, then it must be considered a bug.

You finally came out and used that b word (Cough re: message #26 End of Cough)

Apparently, you say chili fries & I say tomato… (:AGL)