logout virtual comodo dragon, reset container = bluescreen

So i found this odd thing that happens on my computer.

if i start virtuel comodo dragon logged into the browser, then logout in the virtuel browser, and reset the container i get a blue screen.

does this happen to anyone else???

if i dont logout in virtuel comodo dragon, container is reset without problems.
and with google chrome i don´t get bluescreen when doing this.

This was supposed to be fixed with the latest CIS version: . . . . I had it a couple of times some months ago, but nothing recent

oh i can see i am still using “” thanks. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Lasse88,

Could you please check with latest CIS and let us know if you still have this problem.

I have version now, i haven´t tried that to replicate it in the recent version but i just tried something similar.

i did clear the browsing data of comodo dragon opened as virtuel, and then reset the sandbox, this caused a blue screen.
and this happens every time.

I got a similar issue with CIS 7062.
I did not test with CIS 7098.

With CIS 8012, if FF and my my password management software are running in the container and then I reset the container :

  • I did not get a BSOD,
  • FF and my my password management software are closed by CIS,
  • the container is reset.

Hi Lasse88,

Thank for reporting, let me test with our machine and get back to you.


could you replicate it on your machine ?

Hi Lasse88,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice, the issue is confirmed. We will report this to the team.