logout time?

No problem if i want to write, if not in short message style, at leat some very short comment like, to be fashionable, “Comodo is the best” (or less often “Comodo is the worst”, to each one his tastes) or “mrg stinks”, altough none of these comments are any constructive.

On the opposite, when you have something quite long to write and have to think about it while you are writing, the elapsed time needed for that throws you out of the thread when you finally want to send your answer: you are logged off, period, and what you wrote is lost forever.

It happened to me 2 or 3 times, and again today, this low frequency (i usually don’t write Pulitzer price novels) leading you to forget the only solution: write offline before you paste your answer in the thread, and it is still very lousy as the line feed characters are not the same in your favourite text editor and in the forum (you still have to correct the end of line marks).

It would be nice to avoid such a behavior, thank you.