Logon script issues

I sat down at my computer this morning, took a look at my CIS, and decided I wanted a logon script to automate the update of CIS upon logon in order to keep it in game mode.

The script itself works when I run it stand alone, all systems up and running.

The other portions of the script function correctly on logon, so the script is running.

I realize this may be more of a windows help issue, but I wanted to see if you guys had any alternate ways to do this or know of what setting needs changed.

The logon script is in VBScript and running through GP on logon.
The OS is win7 pro x32. Also have an x64 I will want to run a similar script on.

The script works fine on XP.

I added a loop test to wait for connectivity and it still didn’t work. I’d rather not have to add an launchapp.wsf to logon as well, or create a task in task scheduler as I have not had good results with this.

Could you please email me the script
(Email is in my profile)

So i can further help you?