LogMeIn Free with Comodo Free v.3

With Comodo Personal Firewall v3.0 on Windows XP, I am trying to do remote control with LogMeIn Free. I believe that I correctly set up LogMeIn.exe and LogMeInSystray.exe as Trusted Applications in Comodo, but I cannot log in and open a Remote Control window.

More details: LMI connects and then sticks at Verifying for a LONG time, and finally gives me an error message suggesting that the computer is off or LMI disabled. Interestingly, via LogMeIn Preferences I can get the computer to Reboot, so I know that LogMeIn is not offline/disabled.

Assuming that someone can get me past this question, I have a followup question: Does Comodo have an option that is the equivalent of ZoneAlarm’s “Protect the ZA Client” that needs to be disabled in order to allow remote control changes to the firewall settings?

Hello JD,

Did you check the firewall logging to see if any traffic is dropped ?
What security level is the firewall and Defence+ in ?
Did you change anything in the configuration or left everything default ?

CFP standard version does not allow remote changes, you need to bee logged on locally to change things.

Some slight confusion on my part about which machine is running what. I’m presuming that CFP is running on your local machine, and not the machine that you are trying to connect to. Does that remote machine have a firewall that is somehow blocking you?

If CFP is running on your local machine, there may be an entry in the firewall log about blocked traffic. You’ll find the log in Firewall → Advanced, Firewall Events. If there is anything confusing in the log, you can export the log to html, and post the log here.

If CFP is running on the remote machine, then you may need to be hands-on to get CFP configured properly to allow connections from the outside. Any details from the CFP log would be helpful.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled LogMeIn Free 3 times (at least) trying to resolve this very issue. The LogMeIn Status states: “LogMeIn - Disabled” when moving mouse over Taskbar Icon and right click “Enable LogMeIn” has no effect (although it does initially show pop-up/status windows stating that LogMeIn is being enabled).

LogMeIn Status box states: “LogMeIn is not running” followed by repeating entries of “GUI: …not available” and “GUI: Connecting to LogMeIn”

Nevertheless, while the machine shows the red “X” as part if the Icon, the machines is actually online and can be connected to remotely.

AND, if I disable CFP then the Icon starts working correctly, so it has to be one of the settings therein. I have given full rights to LogMeInSystray.exe, LMIGuardian.exe, and raabout.exe. Any ideas? Thank you.

If i understand this correctly, you have an agent on your pc connecting to the server on the internet.
Then if your not home you connect to the website of the server and via the already made connection you tunnelback your remote control ?

Take a look at my previous questions and maybe we can get any further in this ?
How are your global rules setup ?
Looking on other this for logmein makes me believe you need incoming traffic.

1st question: Yes, and the logging shows nothing. I did not make any changes to logging options, other than to check the “log as firewall event…” where blocking rules exist.

2nd question: Defense is and has been set to “Inactive.” Firewall has been at “Safe,” “Training,” and “Disabled.” And as I stated above, only if “Disabled” was/is selected did/does the Icon work and report status correctly (as luck would have it, after enabling LogMeIn in CFP Disabled mode and then switching back to Safe, the Icon has stayed on (even with one reboot)).

3rd question: Pretty much everything is default, except for allowing 2 trusted zones (one on each side of a hardware VPN tunnel).

1st question: Yes, you are correct. That is how LogMeIn and a number of current remote access programs work to get around ISPs and Routers generally blocking all unsolicited connections (i.e., connection initiated from internet side).

2nd question: Global Rules have default “Block And Log ICMP In…;” AND I have 1 Allow ALL Outgoing Requests (any protocol) and 1 Allow All Incoming Requests (any protocol) for each of the 2 trusted zone I have set up.

Pertaining to incoming traffic statement, it was allowing incoming connections via LogMeIn handoff (and LogMeIn Server would show the machine as “Online”), it was just the Icon that was not reporting status and controlling program that was not working properly.

I am not going to temp fate and play around with the Icon now that it has started reporting status correct. It may be a LogMeIn problem so I also opened a support ticket about this. If they can duplicate issue they should release a patch shortly, and if it CFP’s fault I expect that they will do the same as well. For me, for now, I am just glad the Icon is showing correct status. I will let others worry about any bugs (whether CFP or LogMeIn’s).

Thank you.

LogMeIn Free is a pretty slick tool. However, once you go LogMeIn Rescue, it gets a bit pricey and obviously the free version is never going to give you the support guarantees which you would like, or guaranteed uptime. I’ve switched from Rescue to Techinline (www.techinline.com) which is a very easy to use tool, and you don’t need to install absolutely anything since it is web-based. The price is about 4 times lower than LogMeIn Rescue, so I find it a great tool for my remote support needs