LogLevels or Buffer Logging to reduce HDD Write Access


i m just learning for an .net exam and wrote an program to analyse the hdd/file access and i saw that there are lots of disk accesses in a very short periode of time to the log file.

It would be great if you could implement an button to switch off the logging or give the user the option to select the log-level to be written down on hdd. maybe caching some MB would help too. i know that the hdd itself caches too, but … i think some addtional options would be great.

i set the “read-only” flag to the logfile to reduce this for the next days - i hope that there are not critical attacks in this time :wink:

Thanks a lot,

ps: you did a great job with this firewall… i moved from zonealarm pro to yours :slight_smile: thanks so far

Hey torsten,

I remember someone added something like this to the wishlist. From memory they said it may be better if the logs were recordrd to memory and then flushed to disk either when the logs reached a user determined size or when CPU idle went below a user defined threshhold. Hopefully it’ll get implemented in V3.

Ewen :slight_smile:

that is a great idea, i search for something in the forum but there were sooo many entry for “logs” that i started a new one.

soo … press thumbs that this will be a new feature soon…

best regards
torsten, berlin