Logitech WiLife Settings

Can anyone post instructions on how to configure Comodo to allow Logitech WiLife Security Camera operation? I have added the executable and IP and UDP ports as any and traffic in any direction and it stilll does not work!

To what computer is the camera connection? A computer on your local network or one on the web?

The easiest way that I have found is to simply “Define a new Trusted Application”. I selected “Werks.exe” from the running process list and then hit select and apply. This automatically created a set of firewall rules. I then rebooted my computer, and my cameras were discovered and working properly. Also when I was installing Command Center I always chose to allow the application to do whatever it wanted and to remember the choice.

Alternatively under the help section of Command Center I found a topic titled “WiLife Firewall requirements” which listed the following ports as required for the application to work properly :

UPNP discovery UDP:port1900
UPNP Control TCP:ports50000-65000
Video streaming TCP:Port 22211
Camera Control TCP/UDP: ports 67 inbound port 68 outbound
Wilife Online TCP: ports 80, 443,5222
Relay Remote Viewing TCP: port 80 outbound
Direct Remote Viewing TCP:ports 20570-20575 inbound
Email Notifications TCP: port 25 outbound

So if you really wanted granular control for some reason you could configure a Firewall policy to allow those ports access. However I found that adding a trusted application was more than enough for me.

Tried you suggestion. thanks

But, I am still getting no camera.

I have been advised by Logitech support that I need to “Allow XMPP, and Discovery UPnP”

Is anyone familiar with how to do this?

Secondly, how do you “configure a Firewall policy” as you defined?

thanks again

On what OS are you?


XP Home

Here is the first step to enable Universal Plug and Play: Xbox Support .

You said in your first post you had set the appropriate rules in action. Did you open the ports under Global Rules, applications Rules or both? Can you show screenshots of your Global Rules and the Application Rules?

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