Logitech SetPoint FP?

I have a problem with Defense+ and Setpoint.exe (the executable file for Logitech Keyboard and Mouse SetPoint software). Defense+ is detecting it and blocking it every few seconds filling the log of Defense events completely. I have added the executable to my safe list, but it still appears here. Under the “flags” column, it reads “Acess Memory”.

Any ideas what it could be? Is it a FP?


Hi cool1007,

When you encounter a False Positive (=FP) or a suspicious file please follow 1 of these 3 ways so it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards.
Erik M.

Hello cool1007, this is because Logitech setpoint is trying to access CIS in memory and it doesn`t like that.

John has a solution here https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t40562.0.html basically you need to add an exception for Setpoint.exe to CIS.


p.s. If you need more help just ask and i`ll dig up a method with screenshots.

This post is from Version 4 but it is basically the same https://forums.comodo.com/defense-sandbox-help-cis/how-do-i-give-processapp-free-reign-t50246.0.html;msg360571#msg360571

Hi and thanks Matty.

It took me a while to figure it out, since the instructions to actually get there were a bit different in the latest version of CIS (5.0)

I tried what you suggested but I still have these spam entries in my Defense+ event log. I’m attaching a few screenshots of what I did modify, trying to follow the instructions you provided. Most likely, I didn’t do something correctly.

Please advise.

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Hello again,

I think I finally got it. Here is a screenshot of the options I followed / modified. The way I did it before was totally wrong.

The events in Defense+ concerning Logitech SetPoint stopped spamming the log.

I cleared the Defense+ event log to give it a fresh start, too bad CIS main screen still says “Defense+ has blocked 414 intrusion(s) so far”, (400 of which were caused by SetPoint :P) and it didn’t reset accordingly. I know its a minor cosmetic thing, and it’s supposed to show the number of detections over the product life, but, anyways… hehe.

Thanks Matty.

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That`s the ticket cool1007, glad you got it sorted, :-TU


I’m very sorry pushing the Thread but is there a way to solve the problem more …gracefully?

The solution from cool1007 worked for me very well. :-TU

But what exactly is happening here? Before the update to V5 everything I recognized was a direct memory-inter-access issue. But in V5 I have to grant the memory-access from SetPoint to the Comodo-Core? Is this right?

So if this is the case, there may have to be a mail to Logitech so that they can fix their driver and stop accessing every process that is running?