Logitech iTouch Cordless Mouse

Have just installed cis 4.0.141842.828 and one button configuration on my Logitech iTouch Cordless Mouse has been disabled. >:(

The file itchhk.dll has been identified as containing malware Heur.Pck.tElcock@-1

I have reported this as a false positive.

I have placed the file in my Safe Files, but the mouse button will still not configure as I want it (as a Double Click)

So, how do I get my mouse working properly again, please?



Welcome to the Forum, Stevecarter.

Try this:

Go into Defense+/My pending Files. See if the Logitech files are there. If so, move them to My Own Safe Files. Re log into Windows.

If they are not there, go into Defense+/My Own safe Files. Add/Browse Files, locate and select the Logitech folder, click the Right-pointing arrow to mark them as selected. Check the box (bottom left) to include files from subfolders too. then click Apply, then Close.
Re log into Windows.

This worked for me with my MX518 (wired) Logitech mouse.

Hi stevecarter,

The samples u submitted as false-positive is not detected by Comodo Internet Security version <4.0.141842.828> with database version <4783>. Please make sure the Antivirus database is updated and check again.

John and Lenosec,

Thanks for your replies. Here is an update.

I have got the mouse button working again - there was another Logitech file that had been quarantined.

However, the original problem with the itchhk.dll file remians.

I have the latest virus database ans, whenever I boot the computer in get a warning message:-

The file itchhk.dll has been identified as containing malware Heur.Pck.tElock[at]-1

(Please note that yesterday I got the name partially wrong - I had Elcock instead of Elock)

I click on “Add to My Safe files” but the message window comes up five or six times more before finally giving up!

Can you tell me what is going on, and how I put it right?


Stephen Carter

Hi stevecarter,

first,thank you very much for your report.
But I can not verify the fact you said,in order to solve this problem, I need you provide details as this file gets detected,such as screenshots of alert, etc.
thank you very much.


Thanks for your reply.

Attached is a Screenshot as requested. This all happens as the machine is booting up.

It seems that this warning appears when I move the rollerball in my Logitech Cordless Trackman.

I then chose to Ignore it by sending it to “My Safe Files”.

This happens 6 or 7 times and then everything seems OK and it does not happen again.


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Hi stevecarter,

We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi again,

This is driving me crazy at the moment - every time I boot up I have to clear this warning screen 6 times.

Have you got anywhere near an answer yet?


Stephen Carter

Can you click the right arrow next to the “Ignore” button and click Add to Exclusions? Or does that not help?

CIS memory scan on bootup is what detects the dll


Sadly this does not help. The warning message returns five or six times, even though each time I choose to Ignore - Add to Safe Files. :frowning:


So, if it is the memory scan, what can I do about it not taking notice of my Ignore - Add to safe files?

what i did was to turn off the memory sc click antivirus tab then click scanner settings and uncheck the memory scan on the real time tab

That’s probably not a very good idea as it opens your computer up to attack. Hopefully there’s a better way to solve this problem. ;D

Can you please go to Antivirus / Scanner Settings / Exclusions. Then see if the file is listed there. If it’s not then click add and navigate to its location and add it.

thanks for your reply and trying to help

Im useing xp sp3 fully updated and CIS 4 updated to database 4859

itchhk.dll is in the Exclusions list and in the safe file list and in D+ but still get the popups when the memory scan is active. what is odd is that if u do a manual scan with the AV it doesnt detect it as a problem it shows it as clean.

@sbear200 and @Chiron,

As the originator of the query, I thought I’d let you know that I have followed the suggestion to switch off the memory scan, and that has stopped the popups :slight_smile:

I too find that the file is in my Exclusions list (4 times!) and in My Own Safe Files list etc.

So, come on Logitech, how about a permanent good solution?

It’s in the exclusion list 4 times? Are these in the same folder, so that you could exclude an entire folder and solve the problem?

If it doesn’t give too much personal information could you please post a screenshot of your exclusions so I can see the paths for the excluded files.


Here is the screenshot you asked for.

BTW - I meant come on COMODO this morning, not come on Logitech! 8)

Best regards,

Stephen Carter

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I am having the same issue as Steve. I have Logitech cordless keyboard and cordless mouse. On each boot, itchhk.dll is identified as malicious and although I repeatedly tell Comodo to ignore, it keeps popping up. The file in question now shows up 6 times on the Exclusions page, and I’ve added it to My Safe Files as well. I got so frustrated with the constant pop-ups that I gave Comodo permission to clean. Keyboard and mouse work ok, but the screen display when using hotkeys on the keyboard is disabled, so there is no visual on volume setting for example. Any fix yet?


I don’t think a fix has been forthcoming (or even fifth, for that matter), but the trick that sbear2000 suggested earlier in the thread does get rid of the annoying error screens.

I have enough other protection so it does not worry me unduly to have the memory search turned off.

Hope this helps.

Stephen Carter

Hi Stephen–
Thanks, will try sbear’s fix… otherwise must live with pop-ups from iTouch complaining .dll is missing, or pop-ups from Comodo complaining .dll is malicious – most annoying.