Logitech Gaming Softwar constantly accessing CIS files in memory [SOLVED]

System: Windows 7 Pro x64

Logitech Gaming Software x64

“LWEMon.exe” is already in safe application.

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Did you set your Logitech Gaming Software x64 D+ setting to ‘Installer or Updater’ and did you also exclusions the Logitech files as well ???

This is CIS self-protection feature.

LWEMon is trying to access the memory of cfp.exe the CIS GUI, that memory is protected and therefor CIS reports this. If you wish to get rid of the messages AND you trust LWEMon.exe to access cfp.exe’s memory regions you have to change the protection settings for CIS.

Defense+, Computer Security Policy, find the ‘Comodo group’ where cfp.exe is part of.
Double click it and click ‘Customize’ switch to the ‘Protection’ tab, Inter process memory ‘Modify’.
Add ‘Running process’ find the LWEMon.exe and add it to the list of exceptions of applications that can access the memory, apply all and the counter should stop increasing with these messages.

Wooow, thanks. it’s not easy ‘tips’ lol

Hi community,
is it possible to get a description how to do it now?
I mean it is a whole new GUI and I can’t get this run for me.