Logitech G15

I just installed my Logitech G15 and drivers/apps… all I can say is 1st impression is SWEET! :o

I need an emote with drool! ;D

P.S. and it hasn’t improved my typing one bit!! ;D

I can see that…

Lol im kidding ;D

No, it’s true, my typing skills are horrible. T.T Never learned to touch type, so I’m a hen ■■■■■■ with phat fingers.

Melih, please build Phat Finger Spellcheck… guaranteed that at least myself and Homer Simpson will use it :wink:


You want me to send you some typing programs?

Well I have this old copy of Meavis Beacon I used to use… I acually had all the letters and numbers down at one point, but my speed was so horrible, I couldn’t stand it any more… I guess it is patience standing in my way. :smiley:

Believe me at the beginning of 2005 you were probobly a lot better then I was, my computer teacher at school taught me how to type and she did a wonderful job, I can do about 50 WPM with a 96% accuracy. So I am an OK typer, and she didn’t use typing programs to teach me, she had sheets that we would need to copy and eventually she put keyboard covers on so we would have to start remembering the keys. And it really worked (I honestly thought that she was crazy and I would never learn how to type).

Well I had decided to look for a newer typing tutor, and found a freeware one called Stamina… quite nice.

Remember that when you learn to type properly that there is no limit to your speed! But with “Chicken Typing” there is, or thats what my teacher always said…

I have decided to use the 90 second post rule as a reason to practice my typing while making posts. :wink:

Melih, feel free to bring back the 5 minute post delay… It’s going to take a while to get anywhere near 90 seconds at this rate! :smiley:



Please don’t…