Logins and spelling error

I just got a report that I sent into tech support bounced. I went there to log in and I find that they want ANOTHER password and ID to talk to me. If I already have the forum login and password, why do they need another one? It messes up my password list to have a bunch of logins for the same site and I then have to remember which one is for what service/forum/etc. All I wanted to do was point out that there is a spelling mistake in the Network Control Rules dialog that prevents a rule from working. The problem is that the drop-down in the dialog has the entry “ICMP” for the protocol, while it should be “IGMP”. I created a rule to allow a connection to with IGMP and found that it still was being blocked. Maybe you could fix the spelling and it might work? Maybe fix your login database while you’re at it?

Spelling error? Probably not.
There’s a protocol called ICMP, and one named IGMP, two different protocols and both exists.

Here’s some lovely wikipedia links if you’re interested in reading about ICMP and IGMP:


Well then there is no IGMP entry for allowable protocols. I don’t suppose that it is vital that be contacted, but perhaps there are other sites/programs that use IGMP? If so there is no way to allow a connection via that protocol.

When you’re setting up the rule, if you change the protocol to IP, you can then select IGMP (that’s a G, not a C) on the IP Details tab.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Sorry for the crass display of ignorance. I found the IGMP setting under the IP details tab eventually. I merely assumed that the report of a disallowed IGMP protocol connection would have a IGMP listing under the “Protocol” drop-down. I just didn’t know that IGMP is a flavor of IP protocol.