LoginPro Alpha is now available for alpha testing.

LoginPro Alpha is now available for alpha testing at


Alpha testing version should not be run on production system and may contain some defects and/or incomplete features.

LoginPro is a remote control application tailored to allow remote access to your own PC via a central web site, loginpro.com.


  • Allows remote access to your PCs from anywhere.
  • Gain access to your local drives on your remote PC (not supported on Home versions).
  • Bring the sound from the remote PC to the local PC (not supported on Home versions).
  • Print from the remote PC to the local printers (not supported on Home versions).
  • Supports a web only version with HTML and no client plug-ins (does not have full functionality as the client extensions)

To use login pro,

  • Go to www.loginpro.com and create an account and await your activation e-mail.
  • Once you receive your activation e-mail you can login and download the server component onto PCs you wish to be able to control remotely.
  • Install and run the server component. Run the control panel.
  • From the control panel: Using the username and password you created above sign in your computer to the LoginPro network.

You can now access that PC from the LoginPro website. To do so,

  • Go to www.loginpro.com
  • Login using your username and password.
  • You will be prompted to install the LoginPro client extension, it’s recommended that you do for the best performance. If you choose not to, there is an alpha HTML only system available however the client extensions will give you full performance.
  • Locate the PC you wish to control, and click connect.
  • IMPORTANT FOR SECURITY: Enter the Windows username and password when prompted. Accounts must have a password.


excellent work guys!

will this be able to function with Android phones at some point?


any wake up on lan possibility so I can turn the computer on and off when I want too???

congrats comodo team. ill test this out soon

ah new stuff :smiley:

it says this product is free but in my confirmation email it says my subscription ends in one month?

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all this will be addressed in the next release (should be next week)

please tell us what you want to see in this product?


Will this support remote shell?

any wake up on lan possibility so I can turn the computer on and off when I want too???

what browsers does the loginpro plug in support

The plug-in doesn’t appear to be working with firefox, I’ve tried the release, Beta, Aurora and Nightly. i’ll try some other browsers.

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i installed the plugin on my host computer then installed the server client on a VM just to try it out but its not working. i click connect on the website and it says the user is no longer available then the plugin crashed in dragon. i restarted the browser it seems to be working now. I guess this should be expected since its an alpha release.

Once i was able to connect it seems to work well. i really like the new GUI’s that comodo is using for the new line of products

Not having much luck at the moment. I loaded the plugin in Dragon 18 and the server applet on 7 x86. I put the server in the router DMZ and signed in, but when I try to connect I just get a blank screen in Dragon and no connections showing in the server applet. (On the server - no security applications installed, windows firewall disabled)

Out of interest, in the server applet, you have (besides a spelling mistake on ‘standart’)

Use Standart Login Pro Port numbers
Use Firewall friendly Port numbers

What are the ports defined for these options and how do they relate to the ports defined under the ‘Custom’ option:

Traffic - 22222 - 22322
Control - 22221

I can get the HTML5 version working in Dragon but not firefox and I haven’t been able to get the the plug-in version to work at all. However, I had to change to using Custom ports and I had to forward those in the router. More investigation…

Will this support IPv6?


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Chromium has problems with the plug-in too, although HTML5 works.

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Can’t register - all attempts return “Invalid user parameter (10)” :frowning:

Have tried 3 different browsers.

Any ideas?

Ewen :slight_smile: