Login to online storage fails

Dear all,
I just installed CB 4.06.12 with COS 2.06.14 and created an online account.
I can login to the account on the web interface and under account setting in CB successfully yet if I try to login via the COS client it states that either the password or the user name are incorrect. Could somebody please provide some assistance in the matter.

Update: The issue can be reproduced if a password is complex and longer as 19 digits. My passwords are always longer. The strange thing is, that the the web interface has no problem with longer passwords.

The issue is most likely to be caused by special characters in password, rather than length of the password.
A longer password, for example: “123456789012345678901234567890” works ok with both CB and COS.

We are working to fix the issue, until then you can use the reset password feature here: Forget Password | COMODO Account Management


Hello Emanuel,
thanks for your reply.
Special characters I do not use, an made up sample of a password would be Q6e0KC50HMSdLjGvATu.
As soon as I use more as 19 characters the problem occurs.

I will wait for the next update and check the functionality then again.


Thank you for the example, the issue will be fixed in next update.