login problem with roaming profiles


I installed CIS on Windows XP Pro SP3 on some computers. I use roaming profiles. My problem is that I cannot log in with the existing profiles. The login process doesn’t give any error message, just waits forever. When I delete the user’s profile from the server, I can log in: Windows creates a new profile, and I can log out, and log in again with that new profile. My problem is that I have to use several existing profiles, but I don’t know, how. If I turn off the on-access scan, and/or defense+, it doesn’t help, but if I uninstall CIS, I can log in again with the old profiles. The profiles are virus-free hopefully, because we have another virusscan on the server, and on the other clients.
Any idea?

Thanks, in advance.

After Installing CIS, Set Firewall And D+ In Training Mode. Then Check Whether You Are Able To Login Using The Old Profiles.
If You Have The Same Issue, Note The Time, Check Whether You Can Log In From Safemode With Networking. If You Are Able To… Then Check With The Windows Eventviewer For Any Errors At The Time You Noted When The Issue Occured And Post It

Thanks for your answer. I tried out your advices, but only reinstallation without firewall helped me.

Thanks again.

Happy To Hear That You Have Drilled It Down And Found That Firewall Is Causing The Issue. However If You Would Like To Drill It More, You Can Install The Firewall Back And Check With The Firewall Log For Any Blocks