Login Failure and ActiveSync MS Mobile devices after SSL Cert Install [Resolved]

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I am trying to get this MS Exchange 07 install finished and all my toys working. Comodo tells me that the cert they provided to me is MS Mobile 5.0-6.0 compatable and I believe it. Microsoft tells me that it is missing the field SubjectAlternitiveName that contains not only the INET FQDN; but also the real server name, netBIOS, and so on… I create a cert request file from my server and attempt to use Comodo’s web tool to create my cert and it fails. If I use the Exchange GUI tool, without my optional server names and the afore mentioned field, it works fine. I install the cert, add it to my sites and services, all is cool, right? I can use my OWA site and other browser based tools, life is good. When we try to allow activesync to update content on the mobile devices, we are blessed with a login failure. (YEAH!!) (:TNG)
I make sure my password is correct and activesync hates me due to credentials, yet I am logged in with OWA client with the same credentials.

This did work, before I applied the SSL cert.

Microsoft says, “It could be the cert request file, lacking all of the data needed for the login that resides in the field SubjectAlternativeName.”

I have turned in tickets with COMODO, and I was told once more, “We are MS Mobile compatible.” (S)


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Changed two things to fix this one. Aded the cert to the CTL. Removed a forward from the default website that was redirecting to the owa virt dir.

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Please checkout this posting:

And from our support web site:

And if you need further help, please contact support by submitting a ticket at http:support.comodo.com


Thanks for the reply Garry. Will check out the links and did you see the last post I added. Always go back to the start again and make sure you really did everything right. You would think after twenty or so years of doing this stuff I would know better. :slight_smile:

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