Login cookie being dropped

Not sure if XP SP3 caused this?

I know if I use a cleaning program the cookies get wiped out and I need to re enter my name and password, but for the past several weeks if I completely close the browser (the Comodo Forum window) I have to re enter everything over again. I am presuming it is a cookie that is causing this problem.

Before even if I rebooted or shut down over night when I re entered the Comodo Forum I was logged in.
Could I have accidentally deleted a folder that holds the cookie? In one of my cleanup programs I had set to clean *.log Which did require I re enter the next time I logged in, but now it is every time even with out shutting down or doing a cleaning.

Also searches have not been as smooth as they used to be, and several searches have nothing listed but should, and those that are found are difficult to quickly scan, The header is all but impossible with the dark background color and the text in the summary although with a lighter background (medium to darker Grey) is still difficult.


Its not SP3 cause I have SP3 on 5 machines and no problems. What browser are you using? When you log in do you select login forever? Does it happen in Firefox also?

Primarily use IE7,

Tried Firefox about 4-5 years ago

Did Forever at the top, and also logged into the login at the bottom.
When I back out completely to the desktop the login is lost.


Your better off using Firefox. Safer and faster then IE7. Its not this website causing your problems. Look in your IE settings. Did you change anything?

What stopped you using Firefox?

Try V3 RC1…