Login alert with Comodo Secure Shopping

in Comodo Secure Schopping when I use my password software, Keepass, I have an alert that another computer is using a remote connection. Is this normal and how to avoid it?

If you’re using KeyScrambler or similar - turn it off first

I’m talking about Keepass and not Keyscrambler. These are not the same programs.
Keepass is a password manager while Keyscrambler is a software against Keyloggers.
On the computer where I put Comodo Secure Schopping I do not use CIS.

I am surprised that the subject has been transferred to this topic, not really suitable ???

Does Keepass store the password in the cloud or local on your computer?

i moved it because none of the required info for bug reporting was provided also sounds like you and other users are discussing the issue to figure out if its a true bug or not.

Yes - I’m aware what you are talking about and the differences. That wasn’t what I ‘asked’ / suggested

I mentioned the version of CIS / CSS, as there was a bug in an earler version where Logitech SetPoint software, caused exactly that error in CSS

(I’ve removed the wrong link in the previous reply)

Hi Eric JH

keepass is saved on my computer.
I was wondering if keepass was not using a local loop on my computer, like a localhost. But in this case I will have to see something at the firewall logs. And I have nothing.

Re Ploget.

Check contents of log file %ProgramData%\COMODO\CSS\verbose.log and check following registry keys for 32bit Windows:
if using a 64-bit Windows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ComodoGroup\CSS\remote

I did not find “verbose.log”
Under "% ProgramData% \ COMODO \ CSS " I have two files that I can not open, “authroot” and “CmcLog”

Then check the above mentioned registry keys.

this key,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ComodoGroup\CSS\remote, is not present

Because you’re not using a 32-bit Windows version, so you need to check the key I listed for using a Windows x64 version.

I am of course a 32bit version