Logging issue (not logging all events, small log size)

So the integrity of my files should be fine, I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye open for any problems

On a slightly seperate note why is my log file in Comodo not registering port scans when I used a port scan test and the log sometimes doesnt get very large even though its set to 50Mb.

What sort of port scan test? Is it online, resident/internal, etc?

If it’s an external test (such as online, like GRC, PCFlank, etc), are you behind a router, or a direct connection to the internet?

Where is your port scan threshold set in CFP (Security/Advanced/Advanced Attack Detection & Prevention)?


It was from a test site that tries to see if your protected and I am directly connected to the net.

Also my comodo log keeps getting reduced to 5mb and it hardly remembers a few attacks, this has only happened recently and I have done nothing to chnage anything, I have 1.60Gb of hard drive space left so it should allow a bigger log, shouldn’t it? ???

Make sure you are logging for all types of events. Open the logs, right-click any entry and look at “Log Events From”… make sure all the Monitors are selected.

A fair amount of users have previously experienced (and reported) issues of this type with the logfiles. If you want to make sure that Comodo is aware of it, and see what they say about the issue, you may file a ticket with Support:



all monitors are on yet the problem persists, having a small issue with sending a support ticket if I can’t do that then I don’t know what to do

What problem are you experiencing with filing a Support ticket? Perhaps I can help with that.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the answer is to the logging problem; I was hoping that perhaps one of the monitors was turned off… no such luck! :frowning:


PS: I split these posts out of the leaktest thread and moved to the Firewall Help board.

Thanks for your help do you think anyone else would have a solution.

thanks again mate

ps I have just managed to send a ticket after a short while (kept getting a page cannot be displayed thing) so I will await there advice and keep you updated

I have just looked and it has sent my ticket twice I hope they dont think it was intentional it must have happened while I was dealing with the error I mentioned above :-[

I’ll see what I can stir up… keep your fingers crossed. :wink:


I’m a bit disappointed I submitted a support ticket about the log problem and even though they replied quickly they told me to do something completly unrelated to the problem, instead they talked about network connections. To show you what they put I’ll post it here:

Once you’ve installed Personal Firewall, you need to learn how to set Network Control Rules (within the Network Monitor) to set the stage for all communication flow.

Please refer to our comprehensive guide on Understanding & Creating Network Control Rules:

Also, read about Reading the Network Control Rules properly:

Online flash tutorial for configuring network rule

Here is a video guide for a basic install of Comodo Firewall Pro.
If you are new to Comodo this should hopefully help you.
Go to Nordic Nature - Home
and click the “noob” install guide link.

Should have any queries do not hesitate to write to us.

So as you can imagine I’m a bit worried that this problem has not be acknowleged due to the fact I have been given wrong information

I’m sorry to hear that, sanctuary24, and I understand how irritating that is. Sometimes Support doesn’t quite seem to understand the problem.

You can log back on to Support and reply to your ticket online (by going to your submitted ticket list and click on that ticket). You’ll see what I mean when you get there.

I would suggest you do so, and in your reply, let them know (very respectfully, of course…) that this is not pertinent to the situation, that you have already been in the forums, and that a Moderator has requested that you file the ticket. You might also include a link back to this topic.


I have replied to the original ticket like you suggested so hopefully the problem can be resolved, I will keep you updated