Logging In problem

Any one else getting error 236 when trying to log into cCloud through the PC?

The web interface is not much better. Error code 1000. “Could Not Contact Server”


Yep , same here , problem with Comodo backup as well . Using the free service , this does not make me feel I want to buy the full and paid version . I’ll shop elsewhere first !

That the same question make me not to use they backup service not free or paid version.

same problem here… PC app gives “internal error while loggin in: 236”

Tired loggin in at www.ccloud.com in browser, and that tells me “Oops, something went wrong when signing you in. Please try again later.”

Been like this for more than 12 hours now. Yesterday I was able to log in via web browser, but when trying to upload a file i was told i had no more space!

Doesn’t look like this product is anywhere near reliable yet…

Having had a tiring and long day at work, this is not helping.

Still can not log in. Error codes 185 and 236.


It working now let see how long it last :slight_smile: Your service making more stable like google drive, dropbox they be better then both them because you have a cdrive

I have just received an email stating that ccloud has been upgraded and could we log into our old.cloud.com and download stored files etc

Is this the reason logging in yesterday was problematic?

Everything is now running extremely well.


Yes, I’ve been having the same problem too (“Oops, something went wrong when signing you in.
Please try again later.”) both in the “old” cCloud & the new cCloud. Otherwise it’s been working perfectly until the last few days. Any ideas on what the problem is?

We had a temporary issue. Some users could not login until Friday night.
Everything should be fine now.