Logging firewall events

Hello there. I am new to Comodo IS and I would like to know why by default the firewall logfile stays empty…!?
Is it up to the user to define what ends up in the logfiles? And if so, are there any recommendations from experienced users?

Thanks for some advice.

Hi Wolffprotect and welcome.

If your firewall is set to Safe Mode you will only be asked to approve access for applications not known by Comodo to be safe.

If you do not allow access for other applications, any attempt by those to reach the internet will be blocked and logged.

You would not see any other entries in the log other than an attempt to breach a rule you have thus created.

OK. Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to figure out how to set things up…
After Comodo started using “safe mode” by default I guess this is the way “things are meant to be”…!?
If a program I have on my machine accesses the Internet for the first time a new rule is created automatically by Comodo allowing “any IP and any protocol”. It happened only a few times that I have been asked… Would that mean that all other programs are “known” to Comodo?

Yes that is correct, if you set it to a higher setting than Safe mode you will have many more alerts to answer. Safe mode should be fine for the average user to use permanently.

You could change your browser and email client to a predefined policy by editing them in the network security policy.