Logging file retention and usage

I am using the Comodo Firewall program on a Windows OS on my personal PC. Are there any Comodo log files that I should be retaining or reviewing besides the Comodo Firewall log itself? Also, does the program itself make use of log files in order to function and update properly, as I often use supplementary programs to help me delete unnecessary files, for example like CCleaner, and these programs can delete log files, etc., indiscriminantly. I do not want to delete something that is needed for the normal effective operation of the program. Thanks.

I’ve run CCleaner without any problems.

I appreciate the prompt reply. Is the firewall log the only log file retained or utilized?

I don’t understand.

All of the CIS logs could potentially be useful. Firewall, Defense+, Antivirus, and the other logs.

I do not have the Anitvirus program installed, only the Comodo Firewall program. So, are the firewall log and the defense log the only two logs created which I should review?

Okay, I need more information in order to properly answer your question.

Why do you need to review the logs?
Are you experiencing any problems?
Is there a reason you would like another program to periodically remove the logs? If so what is this?

Come on, Chiron, I feel like you are trolling me now! In your previous response you said, “All of the CIS logs could potentially be useful. Firewall, Defense+, Antivirus, and the other logs.” Now you are asking, “Why do you want to review the logs?” Obviously, I want to see the information related to firewall and defense measures so that I can be sure I have the settings made in such a way as to cause the proper result and intentions. This is an intricate and critically important program in connection with the security of my system! Why does it make logs and why does anyone review them, for god’s sake.

Are you experiencing any problems?

Nothing obvious, but I want to be sure by looking at the logs. :slight_smile:

Is there a reason you would like another program to periodically remove the logs? If so what is this?

Windows programs create a ■■■■ load of logs, and if I can remove any that I no longer need, then I get happy when that happens. I can make better use of my disk space. I am one of those kinds of person who likes to remove things instead of letting them pile up. I do not hold on to superfluous data, and I do not like spending my time hashing over it again and again.

Please do not troll me again, Chiron.

Fixed your quote structure. Eric

He was not trolling, only trying to help you… 88)

Sometimes it is difficult to help if you don’t know what somebody is trying to accomplish. Chiron was asking for specifics so he could better help you. If you do not wish for any further help, I’d suggest you don’t call those helping you, a troll.

I am wondering how to respond to this odd statement. In any case, how then would you suggest I get help with my problem since Chiron is apparently having difficulty with our communications?

I would suggest that you add the folder for Comodo to the exclusions for any program you use. All of the logs can potentially be useful for analyzing any problems. Another way of limiting the size of the logs is discussed below.

I’m very happy to hear this. I was beginning to think that you may have been experiencing some other problems on your computer that needed to be diagnosed so they can be fixed.

If you go to the More tab you can select Preferences. Under this go to the Logging tab. This will give you the option to disable logs and limit the size of the logs. It sounds like this may be what you want to look at for saving space on your computer.

I did not mean to come across as if I was trolling you. It’s just that it’s difficult to tell the problems that people are having and sometimes you have to read between the lines. I suppose perhaps this means it’s time I got glasses. (:NRD)

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


To answer another question asked in the topic start. CIS does not need the logs to function properly. The logs are there for the convenience of the user so he can review them in case there is a problem.