Logging capabilities

I’m currently still using Sygate Pro, which has excellent logging like security, traffic, packet, and system logs. I particularly like the traffic log and is the main reason I’m still using Sygate. What type of logging is available with Comodo Firewall? Thank you.

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All I can say is; “You never know what it is, until you know what it is.”
You’ve got to try the “Comodo Way”.
You won’t regret the choice you make.
It’s just a few lil’step more to get a better security for FREE!

And to further encourage you, Comodo Personal Firewall was build so it will run and full protect the user as soon as it’s gets released from it’s cage! It’s called “Out of the box” configuration by Comodo’s CEO, Melih. …most user won’t have to configure anything to unleashed it’s full streght protection.

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Hey Culpeper,

I agree with wisanggeni, Also while I loved Sygate, I have trouble trusting a firewall that is no longer being supported or updated. ( Thanks Symantec >:( ) There is a bug in the logging of CPF that when you restart you computer the logs clear, but that’s going to be fixed in the next update. You also won’t get better support anywhere as the programmers and CEO are ALWAYS on these boards to answer questions.

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