Logfile export to HTML loses protocol info (3.0.24 & 3.0.25)

If you export your firewall logfile you will lose the protocol information.

Below the html code on the column headers:

Date/Time Application Action Source IP Source Port Destination IP Destination Port

Vista SP1 3.0.25 - x32
Xp SP2 - 3.0.24 - x32

If I recall correctly I mentioned about this issue in a beta stage like a year ago :D. It wouldn’t hurt if the devs would add some CSS to these HTML log exports. With a little work these logs could look much better and this way would be easier to read. I could be even better if they would use XML + XSL.

I don’t think this issue was high priority back then, so I doubt they will do anything about this now. I haven’t seen anyone actually using these HTML logs. Maybe they will be more useful in Enterprise version of CFP, unless it is completely different build.