Log which rule was triggered

Firewall log should keep information for logged entries - which rule was triggered. Now it only keeps a bunch of allowed/blocked entries without any “debug” information. Of course it should be added only for rules, not allow/block once entres from popup window.

Wonder why this is not already there. Been wanting this from day one. This SHOULD be shown by default in popups that are triggered from “ask”-rules, they are there for monitoring purposes after all. For other popups this is impossible - there is no rule, that’s why the window pops up.

Yes! Show which f’in rule triggered a block!

This is driving me crazy: I’ve set up a rule to allow DNS requests (UDP, In/Out, Destination port 53), but I keep getting “Blocked” log entries. WHICH RULE triggered that? Show that in the log! >:(

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Just wanted to add my support for this - as a long time user, and constant tinkerer, it would do wonders.