Log Viewer truble

Hello in firewall intrsion attempts blocked or alowed IPs in log viewer show incorectly whot is blocked first in log viewer display last,this didnt hapened before yust started

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Firewall events

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Global rules

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It is not much traffic is the first observation. The traffic on port 137 is NETBIOS traffic from your either your cable provider or other users in the same subnet. That is not traffic you need so it is rightfully blocked.

The other alerts are just people on the doing something. But since it is only a couple of times there is nothing to worry about. That is what you have a firewall for in the first place. And that is to block unsolicited traffic.

You are safe and the firewall is doing its work.

I mean Eric when some Ip is blocked in firewall event xxxx -xxx ip, it display in log viever at top,like before,now it started to when it block some ip,it loggs them at botom not top animore,and screan in log viever i maximized now cant turn it back at normal ani more.

I can confirm that in the log viewer you cannot change how it sorts a column. A column will always stay as they are. No matter if you click on the column head or not.

CIS’ internal and external log viewers have different sort orders. The internal viewer sorts newest first, whereas the external viewer sorts oldest first.

[i]External log viewer: More on internal viewer or cfplogvw.exe.