Log Viewer - Can't Sort Data through columns


I noticed in the latest CPF that when we are viewing the “Log Viewer” the the Event Viewers of Firewall and/or Defence+, clicking on the column header to sort the logged data does not do anything. I don’t know if it is supposed to be like that, however i expected it to allow me to sort data in each column like usual.


I’m using Windows XP SP2, 32bit

I agree, especially since the oldest logs are first and newest at the bottom. Newest log should be at the top.

Sorting problem is not just with the logs.

Try searching for security policies or a program in the policies. No sort there either. The sort features need to be added. Also display options such as only by program file name, program directory & file name, rule last trigger date etc…

To powerful of a program to have such weak admin capabilities…