Log Viewer Action vs. D+ Process Access Rights

In the log viewer for D+, I see various actions such as modify file, access memory, etc. The majority of actions are self-explanatory, but I’m not sure about which process access rights needs to be edited for the action Create Process. Take for example, the following entry:

12.25.2007 12:06:29 D:\ [ at ] Installs\Freshdl\freshdow.792.exe Create Process C:\Documents and Settings******\Local Settings\Temp\is-E5RDP.tmp\is-J876I.tmp

I purposely blocked the exe and an D+ application entry was created for it, but I cannot find the blocked process entry in any of the access rights. What have I overlooked?

Duh Never Mind … I just looked again and found it under Run an Executable. I could swear it was not there the first time I looked.

Anyway, is the action Create Process always going to be the access right Run an Executable?

Al (Merry Christmas) Adric